My name is Kim. I have loved the masculinity of the Great Dane beginning as a child. I first began breeding American Great Danes and now only focusing on European Great Danes. I have always been attracted to the beauty of the European Great Danes. I found them very hard to find here in California but after a lot of research for quality I have imported some amazing dogs over the years.

 I also breed french bulldogs along side my amazing Group of Danes. 

I offer quality European Great Danes for sale to loving homes. I take great pride in all my dogs. All the pups that come out of my home are top quality, great conformation and temperament. They are very well socialized and make amazing pets!      

European Great Danes Puppies for sale from us means producing only quality, 100% European Great Dane puppies, Big heads, bones, Great muscle, structure and nice lip. Bred to European standards for show or to make a quality pet. What's the difference between European and American...refer to 'food and fact's' for a little information on that subject.  

 My dogs are all family pets, but its not safe for them to all live in my home. I have spent thousands on making their space perfect for them. My facebook features pictures of how I'm set up.  

Sorry I DO NOT allow anyone to my home anymore...times have changed and trusting the outside world to come to my home isn't in the cards anymore. After having dogs stolen that sadly put an end to it. I post my AKC inspections and animal control inspections on fb for viewing.


How did you come up with that dogs name? 

 What's it mean? 

​ My dogs are all given Portuguese names that carry a meaning. This idea came from the inspiration and influence of a very SPECIAL man , my father. 


 Thank you for looking. Feel free to write or email with any questions.

 or visit facebook

search: European Great Danes-Kims for many great pictures and information on my quality danes. 

Thank you again for visiting.  

Some current, past & present dogs below

Pet Price VS Breeding rights

My goal is to put the puppies I produce into pet home. I prefer to cater to the homes not interested in breeding. "Pet" price is lower for that reason.You will not receive AKC papers to breed your pup. 

A higher cost for "Full rights" will get you AKC papers to register a future  litter of your own.

Shipping Available: $500.

Refer below for Information included in shipping costs.


The non refundable deposit to hold your pet is $500.

All puppies must be paid in full by 6 weeks old if shipping or cash at pick up.


There is a $20 per day boarding fee for any puppy not picked up or shipped out at 8 weeks old.  


I ship worldwide. Also offer shipping outside the USA... Shipping costs may vary by location outside of the USA.  Only restriction I have is I won't ship dogs anywhere that requires a quarantine,sorry.

Shipping will include United airfare, travel, vet travel certificate, vaccines, food, water bottle (airline permitting), and absorbent bedding. Travel create/kennel included. Above included, Shipping is generally, with above stated items,$500-to ship  within the United States depending on airport.

Puppies are shipped at 8 weeks of age and are certified healthy by a veterinarian before arrival at the airport. If in the unlikely and unforeseen chance, a puppy dies during travel, a death certificate and autopsy report from your veterinarian must be received within 24 hours of flight arrival. After receipt of this documentation a replacement puppy of equal value will be sent as soon as possible. The owner is responsible for the new shipping costs incurred to transport a replacement puppy.

Payments accepted: We ONLY accept Cash,  Check ( with enough time to clear) Pay Pal, venmo, cash app.

*Add and additional 3% if using pay pal. If not applied it will be added to your last payment. We are not responsible for the 3% fee.


$500 Deposit due to hold a puppy. It's NON REFUNDABLE!!! This means you do not get it back if you change your mind. You made the commitment to pay it because you wanted a puppy of your choice and that makes it no longer available to Others. You changing your mind effects the pup finding a home at an important age,this can prolong the process for that pup. So a story that your husband or wife left you, your car blew up or you changed your mind,etc....no reason accepted. Sorry

blue great dane

blue great dane

Food ​& Important Facts

Discussed below


Why crate train?

Euro or American?

I have tried a lot of dog foods over the years and have finally found two that I am very happy with. First choice, and easily available is DIAMOND  lamb and rice, ADULT. Second is Precise holistic large giant breed puppy formula. I recommend Precise if you are having terrible issues with knuckling that diamond isn't helping. Due to a lot if research, I feel that the protein content is appropriate in diamond at 23% protein and precise 23%. My pups are doing wonderfully on it.   

 Protein content should be between 23%-25% and fat content 12%-16%.  There should be no corn in the ingredients.  Natural glucosamine and chondroitin should be listed in the ingredients as these promote healthy joints.

Raised dog bowls are highly recommended!

Crate Training:

Crate training uses a dog's natural instincts as a den animal. A wild dog's den is his home, a place to sleep, hide from danger, and raise a family. The crate becomes your dog's den, an ideal spot to snooze or take refuge during a thunderstorm.

The primary use for a crate is house training. Dogs don't like to soil their dens.
 The crate can limit access to the rest of the house while he learns other rules, like not to chew on furniture.
Crates are a safe way to transport your dog in the car.
Crating caution!
  A crate isn't a magical solution. If not used correctly, a dog can feel trapped and frustrated.

Never use the crate as a punishment. Your dog will come to fear it and refuse to enter it.
Don't leave your dog in the crate too long.  A dog that’s crated day and night doesn't get enough exercise or human interaction and can become depressed or anxious. You may have to change your schedule, hire a pet sitter, or take your dog to a doggie daycare facility to reduce the amount of time he must spend in his crate every day.
Puppies under six months of age shouldn't stay in a crate for more than three or four hours at a time. They can't control their bladders and bowels for that long.  The same goes for adult dogs that are being house trained.  Physically, they can hold it, but they don’t know they’re supposed to.
Crate your dog only until you can trust him not to destroy the house. After that, it should be a place he goes voluntarily.

*At 3 weeks old I put a crate in my whelping box (with no door) and the puppies learn that its a comfortable safe place. Not to go potty in it. I have not had a puppy go potty in the crate,yet! This has helped my past puppy owners make the transition much easier when they take their new puppy home. DON'T forget they will cry the first night the most. By day 3 you might get a 5 minute whimper but puppy will comfortably go to sleep in their crate.

Euro or American?

The Danes are quite different in appearance. Generally speaking euros heads are larger, the fronts are more solid,more lip and the overall body type is heavier. In some individuals these traits are more exaggerated than others, but my overall impression of European Danes manifest closer ties to the Mastiff than do American-bred Danes. The Euros have striking size, muscle, structure and stoutness is pure beauty to me! That's my personal view... I happen to like them a lot within their own context, but not everyone will. It goes both ways. I've heard it said that American-bred Danes lack substance, lip and bone, that they have a wimpy body type, straight shoulders and poorly angled heads, small heads. And euros slobber more (not always true)some will have droopy eyes and are said to live longer.
 It's all a matter of taste in what appeals to you. The Americans have become more sleek and slender where the euros are bigger with a beautiful more of a mastiff look. A well breed Dane can be pure beauty regardless if you’re more attracted to the Euros or American Danes.

 The Great Dane was developed primarily in Germany and England out of mastiff-type and Greyhound stock. The principal purpose of the breed in early years was to hunt wild boar. At that time, ears were cropped to prevent the boar's long, sharp tusks from shredding the Dane's ear during the hunt. However, the Great Dane as we know it today was developed in Europe during the 1800's and declared the national breed of Germany in 1876. As a boar hound, the Dane of yesterday was different both in structure and temperament from the Dane of today. The Europeans of today are trying to keep the true look of the Dane that they developed back in the 1800’s. As am I here in California with European imports from some of the top breeders and kennels.


european great dane puppy, blue merle

european great dane puppy, blue merle

Helpful Information

Knuckling feet & Hip Info

Knuckling feet & Hip Info

Knuckling feet & Hip Info

Knuckling GREAT DANE

When I first got into Euros I noticed they grow a bit  different then any American I have ever owned or bred.  Its very common and I feel expected now in Euros.  Seen at a young age ,this is called  knuckling. Propper  food and diet are key.
Here are a great link of amazing information to help you if you notice a change in your puppies feet. I highly recommend visiting Great Danes lady for great, very useful information on many different subjects reguarding great danes.  http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/knuckling_over.htm


I have learned from the OFA website and research that OFA hip clearances of the parents cannot guarantee that your puppy will be free of hip dysplasia. Parents with OFA hip clearances can produce puppies with bad hips.   

It is important to understand that there is a possibility that a puppy from our kennel can develop hip dysplasia, even though parents have good hips. But this does not change the fact that Great Danes all have the ability to produce occasional bad hips in their off spring. Here is why....

It is felt that genetics play between a 25% and 30% role in a dog having hip dysplasia. This means that new owners can assume a great deal of responsibility (70% to 75%) in their dog developing good hips.

This begins with feeding an appropriate diet.  It also means that you should keep your dog lean. Carrying too much weight at a young age is going to add stress on soft puppy bones and ultimately negatively effects skeletal development of a young dog.

New owners need to be very careful of over exercising a pup. This means no jogging until after the dog is 12 months old. This means not exercising to the point of exhaustion, or taking the pup for long walks. Around the block is fine, but don't go on a run or couple mile hike.

Hip dysplasia has five major causes:
*genetics *diet*over feeding
*too much exercise at a young age
This is a direct quote from the OFA web site, as of 12/11/08.
"No one can predict when or even if a dysplastic dog will start showing clinical signs of lameness due to pain. There are multiple environmental factors such as caloric intake, level of exercise, and weather that can affect the severity of clinical signs and phenotypic expression (radiographic changes). There is no rhyme or reason to the severity of radiographic changes correlated with the clinical finding. There are a number of dysplastic dogs with severe arthritis that run, jump, and play as if nothing is wrong and some dogs with barely any arthritic radiographic changes that are severely lame."   
As you can see the whole subject of canine hip dysplasia can be quite confusing. I strongly suggest that you keep your Dane trim and in good physical shape. Danes can gain weight easily and an overweight dog can cause stress and damage to the hip and elbow joints. High protein levels will also affect your Dane. High protein causes them to grow to fast and if they continue threw life on a high protein it can build up in the joints and simulate dysplasia.
Cant keep your Puppy/Dog?
If for any reason the new owner is unable to keep the puppy at any point in its life, they agree to contact me and give me the opportunity to take the dog back or help place it in an appropriate, new home. New owner must agree to never let this puppy go to an animal shelter, rescue or humane society. Shipping is owners responsibility to get dog to me or the new owner. All expenses are current owners responsibility. Cost of dog will never be refunded.
When can we take our new baby home?
8 weeks is the soonest my puppies are re-homed...they learn so much from being with their litter mates and mother, lessons about socialization, biting, playing, fighting etc... Not to mention the importance of Mothers milk which is full of calories & immunities. Puppies can develop separation anxiety. Also can have food aggression when weaned too young. All these & other reasons are why State of Ca changed laws to 8wks before pups can leave their mother!!!......as a dog trainer, most of our behavioral problems with dogs come from them being separated from their litter and mother at a young age (under * weeks) and they do not know their boundaries and what is acceptable play behavior. If they bite too hard on their litter mates or get bitten too hard, the mother and litter mates teach what is appropriate.
Full or Limited Registration.

The dog/bitch will NEVER be bred if purchased on a limited contract. If bred, Beleza De Amaral can retrieve dam and litter. If purchased with full registration; the bitch is not to be bred before 18 months or the second heat cycle. ​

Your puppies personality...
Please take into consideration there are dominate pups in every litter. A dominate/ alpha pup can grow to be dominate/ alpha adult. A home with a current alpha dog OR A passive family/ owner should not adopt a dominate dog, it's important to ask your breeder about characteristics of the pup your interested in. The dominance can be seen at a young age but 6 weeks and on is best age to determined this . Also a passive pup can turn into a dominate dog in its new home if it lacks leadership in the new home or is over frightened in its new home. Beleze De Amaral will know the dominate pups in the litter and make you aware. It takes the right home to own a dominate dog. Beleza Da Amaral is not responsible for an alpha pup once it leaves my premises or a pup that ends up aggressive on your premises. ** my dogs are very well socialized!! I do a series of different training steps with my pups before they leave my home to develop a strong since of security in my pups including:
~a LOT of time with 6 children from day 2
~exposed to cats
~exposed to any other animals in our home,parrots :)~4-weeks-8week new things added to play area.
*Hats, kids toys that make noise~sound of vacuum
~men are very important to a new pup at young age. Friends come over and visit them. Tall to short:)
~5weeks outside day:) ~ feel of grass
~ sounds of other dogs playing in their runs~running hose water,that's always fun~ sound of yard work ~music ~most important being inside the house to explore!
Pups raised outside are obvious, they don't know how to walk on carpet.
I take many measures to make these pups have the best chance at an open mind and ability to adjust to things that might scare unsocialized young pups.
~There is a $25 per day boarding fee for any puppy not picked up or shipped  AT 8 weeks old, unless shipping or pick up has been arranged in writing ahead of time


Knuckling feet & Hip Info

Knuckling feet & Hip Info

bloat in great danes

  1. ~#1 killer of Great Danes.... 
  2. Don't let it scare you away from the breed, get educated!
  3. What is Bloat?
  4.  Bloat occurs when something goes wrong during digestion of food. Something causes gases to build up in the stomach so fast, that the stomach blows up like a balloon, stretching the organ so much that normal circulation of blood to and from the heart is cutoff. The stomach turns over, the stretching itself and the lack of blood to the stomach’s cells can cause cell death, or necrosis. What makes it even worse and more immediately serious is when the stomach actually “twists and turns” (known as Volvulus) at the top near the esophagus and at the bottom of the stomach at the pyloric valve. Picture a tootsie roll candy that’s got a wrapper twisted at both ends keeping the candy lodged inside the paper. That is exactly what happens to the stomach during bloat with volvulus. Gas is trapped and can’t escape as a burp or the other end as “passing gas”. The gas builds and builds as it becomes trapped within the stomach. The stomach grows so large it cuts-off circulation, as mentioned above and irreversible damage is done to the cells. The dog goes into shock and then cardiac arrest. This can happen within several hours after the start of bloat. That is why if you suspect your dog is experiencing this problem, you must RUSH THE DOG IMMEDIATELY, to the vet or animal hospital.
  5. What Causes Bloat?
  6.  It is not really known what exactly triggers bloat to occur. Scientists can only make guesses due to the data taken from dogs that have experienced it. When they’ve tried to recreate the bloating conditions in a lab with test dogs, they were always unsuccessful at causing the bloat to occur intentionally.
  7.  A few examples of what scientists believe to be contributing factors to the causes of bloat are listed below:
  8. 1. Large meals eaten at one time. They recommend serving your dog two smaller meals a day, rather than just one big one.
  9. 2. Rigorous exercise done either right before a meal or right after one. You should wait one hour before feeding after exercise and one hour after eating before you let your dog run around.
  10. 3. Dry food given that is high in grain, which causes fermentation during digestion which causes gas. Dry food should have meat, meat meal and bone meal listed within the first few ingredients, not grain. In other words, dry food should have more meat than grain in it’s ingredients. [some texts claim this is not true, but most do agree with it.]
  11. 4. If only dry food is given, some people moisten it with water if it is a high end dog food. However, with lesser quality foods, less meat-based dog food, the ones that are mostly grains, it is better to NOT wet the food, since water mixed with grain will start fermentation, a process that has by-products of gas. But if the food is mostly meat, it's ok, and can actually help with digestion.
  12. 5. Gulping large amounts of water at one time during meals. Keep water within the dogs reach at all times, except during meals.
  13. 6.Be careful of snacks and biscuits that are high in carbohydrates. Grains are carbohydrates.
  14. 7.Avoid dog food high in citric acid used as a preservative or high in fat.
  15. Many breeders and owners of Great Danes consider a surgery called a prophylactic gastropexy ("preventative tack") which can help prevent bloat from occurring.
  16. There is a new technique called Laparoscopic gastropexy that is by far less invasive then the traditional belt-loop gastropexy and this is the technique you might want to consider.
  17. Ask your vet about this procedure, if he/she seems uncomfortable or has not done this more then a couple times,please do some research for a great vet!! Spending a little extra money or a little extra travel time is going to be well worth it for a great vet!! What does bloat look like? Pictured  above is my best buddy, Bo. We lost him to bloat at 6 years old. I’m posting the above picture with the pure intention of helping people see bloat. I have done tons of research on it and always seem to still be wondering. Picture of him above is right before heading to the vet. To me it’s visible the difference in the body and disposition. He couldn't even put his back leg up to his tummy it hurt. His stomach was hard and full feeling. Listed below are things to watch for but don't all happen.
  18. SYMPTOMS TO WATCH FOR: (what I personally saw in these symptoms are marked with *)
  24. PAIN

Health Guarantee

Knuckling feet & Hip Info

Health Guarantee

european great dane


Health  Guarantee-

Ca Euro Danes-Beleza De Amaral

 The breeder warrants that the puppy is in excellent health at the time of purchase/pick-up/delivery. The puppy has received its first vaccinations, but is not fully protected until all of its vaccinations have been completed at  16 weeks by your vet. Therefore, exposure to other unknown dogs or placing the puppy on the floor outside of your home is risky and your puppy could get ill, parvo before that 16 week period. 

The health guarantee is good for a period of FIVE (5) days from the time that your puppy leaves my possession. Meaning, It is required that your puppy be examined by a licensed veterinarian during this period or there will be no guarantee. A copy of the exam must be mailed to the Breeder and postmarked or sent in a picture via text within 7 business days of the purchase date to validate. 

  If with In 15 days of taking possession, the puppy is diagnosed with a severe genetic disability next steps follow. Step 1,the purchaser agrees to take said puppy to a licensed vet for a first opinion. Step 2, Purchaser is responsible for taking the puppy to the breeders veterinarian at the breeders expense. No refunds or exchanges will be given without a written statement from the breeders licensed veterinarian declaring the dog unfit for sale.

If there was  death was caused by a genetic defect listed below and not neglect by the buyer, the puppy will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as one is available.  The buyer's licensed veterinarian must provide the seller with a written certificate stating the exact cause of death as verified by an necropsy/autopsy at pet owners expense. If these regulations are not met the guarantee becomes null and void.

 The puppy will have an examination by our veterinarian before being shipped. Shipped pup will come with a State of California Health Certificate signed by our vet. Breeder does not guarantee against the following after the puppy has left the Breeders home: Parvo, distemper or any other communicable diseases for which vaccinations could prevent, intestinal parasites, pyometritis (Pyometra), aggression, any reproductive issues, ectropian, hypoglycemia, heartworm, undescended testicles,inverted vulva, kennel cough and viral infections,HOD, heart murmur , entropia, cherry eye, cancer, haw eyes, gastric torsion of a stomach, demodex mange(any type), inguinal or umbilical hernias, fleas, ticks or ear mite, giardia and Coccidia. 

 We do everything we can to breed a healthy, Quality puppy but as in human lif, it has a lot of unexpected circumstances that no one can control. 

Our European Great Danes are free of genetic abnormalities, to the best knowledge of the Seller. The breeder will offer a warranty up to 2  years of age for a replacement Great Dane of equal value if the Great Dane presents with the following Genetic defects:     Hip or Elbow Dysplasia (results accepted from OFA and PennHIP ) not including dysplasia due to old age, Congenital Cardiac Disease (results accepted from OFA), Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (results accepted from OFA), Congenital Wobblers or Congenital Seizure Disorder ,results accepted only from Veterinarian certified documentation of the condition; as soon as possible, documents must be returned to the breeder (at owners expense) and results will be reviewed by my vet and final decision made on her opinion. If cause is as listed above dog will be replaced with a puppy of equal value as soon as one is available. NO money is ever returned.

Cardiac Hypertropy is not covered under this guarantee as this condition affects almost all Great Danes in their final years and is not a congenital abnormality, as well as food or growth related issues (Carpal Flexural Deformity, Carpal Valgus, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Panosteitis) and any other condition not mentioned above is not covered by our Guarantee. This guarantee is for original buyers only and cannot be transferred to secondary parties.

$500. Deposit due to hold a puppy. It's NON REFUNDABLE!!! This means you do not get it back for ANY reason.

**All puppies purchased with FULL AKC will be registered bearing the name “Beleza De Amaral" in their AKC registered name. ** This is how a breeder carries their name on.

Failure to do so will void the health contract.

All legal matters will be handled in Stanislaus Superior Court, Modesto CA 95350 At owners expense. A violation of any of the clauses in this section will constitute a breach of contract.

The Buyer has read and agrees to the above written Guarantee.


Address & Number:

New Owner _____________________________________



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More pictures of our European Great Danes.

More pictures of our European Great Danes.

More pictures of our European Great Danes.

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More pictures of our European Great Danes.

More pictures of our European Great Danes.


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